През годините десетки български и международни компании се довериха на "ПИМК“ ООД. Успешните ни партньорски отношения са базирани на взаимен търговски интерес, коректност и качествена работа.“ПИМК" ООД винаги се стреми да предложи най-доброто съотношение между мобилност, качество на услугата и цена.
Сред нашите партньори са:
C.H Robinson
C.H Robinson

The company is headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN, with more than 280 offices and over 11,500 employees in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Mars Logistics
Mars Logistics

Mars Logistics, one of the leading logistics companies of Turkey, is continuing its logistic storage investments constituting one of the most important rings of the logistic processes. Determining the new investment locations according to its customers’ requirements, Mars Logistics has now reached to a total storage area of 100.800 m2 with its two new logistics centers that started to provide services at Tuzla on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul and at Kocaeli Şekerpınar.

Omsan Logistic

Omsan LogisticEstablished as a subsidiary of OYAK in 1978, OMSAN offers flexible solutions to customers with road fleet of self-owned 771 vehicles and 1100 certified suppliers; rail fleet of 238 swapbodies, 82 wagons and 180 containers; 1 bulk carrier of 30.000 DWT and the first Turkish flagged Cement carrier of 4.500 DWT with pneumatic discharging equipment; 1 helicopters; total logistics service area of 950,000 sqm; and 2400 employees.

KauflandKaufland спада към водещите фирми за търговия с хранителни стоки в Европа. Веригата води началото си от Германия, където хипермаркетите осъществяват дейността си под името Kaufland, KaufMarkt и Handelshof. Kaufland има филиали в Чехия, Словакия, Полша, Хърватска, Румъния, а от 9 март 2006 вече и в България.
InterFashionTNA INTERFASHION was established in 2000 for the purpose of servicing various logistic projects. With more than 300 vehicles, TNA INTERFASHION has over the years successfully provided shipping and transport services in remote areas in and from North Africa, Europe and Eastern Europe.
Rhenus Logistics
Rhenus LogisticsRhenus Group is a global logistics service company with a turnover of € 4.6 billion. Rhenus has more than 500 locations worldwide and employs 26,000 people. The Rhenus business areas - Contract Logistics, Freight Logistics, Port Logistics and Public Transport - manage complex supply chains and create wealth by means of innovative value-added services.
Daimler Даймлер АГ е сред водещите световни автопроизводители, 5-ти по големина автоконцерн в света.
Minoan Lines
Minoan LinesMinoan Lines is one of the largest passenger ferry companies in Europe,and one of the dominant passenger ferry companies in Greece, sailing between Piraeus and Crete and in the Adriatic Sea, between Patras and various Italian ports.
Lorry Rail
Lorry RailLORRY-RAIL carries unaccompanied semi trucks on the new rail-road link from Luxembourg to Perpignan in one night only, seven days a week
Secdoor Индустриални и гаражни секционни врати